Vista Birthday

I awoke today with a realization: it’s my “Vista Birthday!” Yes, today 4 years ago, I ordered my first business cards from As I reflect on my *modest* triumphs in the Music Industry, I know they were all thanks to networking – made possible by VistaPrint’s affordable cards, which I used to begin building my image.
THE most recognizable name in online printing, is also a great status tool; when I exchange cards with someone and theirs has VistaPrint on back, I know immediately where they are in their business growth. Especially in Music, where “image” sells. Why? Because, soon as I had enough money, I ordered nicer cards with custom artwork and backside printing. I can only assume that my colleagues do the same, unless they are cheap in which case I’ve still learned a valuable detail – all thanks to VP’s “free” business cards (you pay $3-5 shipping and handling for up to 500 cards, which have on their reverse).
So THANKS! for all the fond memories of designing my first biz card, passing it around for the first time, and receiving others’ over the years. I’ll probably never use VP again, but for my first 12 months as an entrepreneur, it was a GREAT way to loose my biz-card-virginity! :)

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