Meeting Booker

instruction manual to my Hammond XK-3c organ
instruction manual to my Hammond XK-3c organ

I got to meet Booker T. Jones, and it was awesome! Let me tell y’all about it. Started with Twitter, on a Monday afternoon. I follow Criminal Records and they announced Booker was appearing on Wednesday, 4/01. My first thought was “April fools.” Then I discovered that Booker was playing a gig in ATL later that evening. Then two more media outlets announced his arrival so I decided it was necessary to be there.
What to take!?!? I grabbed my Hammond organ manual and ran out the door. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Parking was a cinch despite limited spaces and rush hour traffic. I walked casually into the store only to find no line! I was first on line. About fifteen minutes later, the legendary organist walked into the store towards me and about 20 folks. Stopping midway to browse the store’s record selection, it was clear he’s a cool dude. When he got closer I began to feel my nerves! He sat on the provided stool behind a glass display case, and I approached.
I removed a black sharpie from my back pocket and handed it to him, even though there were 5 sharpies laying on the display case. Then I placed my organ manual down and muttered “I was hoping you’d sign this for me.”
“OK” he smiled back. Then slowly he looked up at me, from below his hat brim, and said, “do you have one of these?!?”
“Yes sir!” I quickly replied.
“Can you split it?” he asked. I couldn’t believe that I was having a conversation with legendary Jones. We proceeded to spend about five minutes discussing my modern Hammond – an eternity in the world of autograph lines – much to the chagrin of the folks behind me. While Booker finished his personalized autograph, I felt incredibly giddy. “I really appreciate this, you’re a big influence,” I said.
Walking away towards the exit, I felt compelled to pre-order his new CD, “Potato Hole” which will release 4/21.

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