Amelia Island

The creative process needs room to breathe, and minds need space to think … That was my logic behind this past weekend on Amelia Island 🙂

Located just below the GA border, this lovely Atlantic escape proved perfect for relaxing and regrouping. I returned home with a refreshed outlook and a plethora of ideas. Muchos gracias to the Land family for the use of their beautiful condo.

Activities included swimming and floating in the ocean, playing Rummy under a monstrous umbrella, and my first-ever game of tennis! (incidentally, I still prefer racquetball). I visited the Fernandina Publix, but otherwise kept to the beach and condo. Home-cooked meals and quality time with the family are often my favorite activities on vacation.

panoramic of the dining room
Nessie was very comfortable
view from the back patio – see the ocean?

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