Sweet Auburn High

When we arrived yesterday at Sweet Auburn Springfest, a nice big stage and first-rate sound crew greeted us. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and everyone was out enjoying their Mothers Day. I knew that a killer show was in my near future 🙂 I wasn’t wrong, but like everything else in Life it didn’t turn out as I’d expected.

After our fourth song my high “E” string broke (rarely happens; first break in 6 months). I kept cool, quickly retuned my remaining five strings and continued on to “PC Religion” without a hitch. We did five more songs before ending our set and exiting the stage, at which point Fred (drums) first realized my handicap. Andy (bass) had been standing beside me, stage left, and he hadn’t noticed either. True, it was a 32′ x 24′ stage but still…

It’s a small example of how I live every day: be happy, stay focused! Don’t let things you can’t control bother you! Be prepared for the worst. Let experience guide you through obstacles in a calm, professional manner. I guarantee everyone in that audience dug my solos and chord voicings and didn’t notice the missing “E” string – because I didn’t let them. In fact I’m really wishing we had a video of that show because some of my playing was really inspired and stellar, and our stage presence was spot-on.

Fred and Andy rocked. I met some great people-now-fans, like Tony and Nancy. On our way home I couldn’t help but think of how greatful I was for being able to enjoy that experience, instead of getting hung up on the negative aspect (broken string). Too often I see folks wading through their days in negative energy. Be positive, stay focused on the good! 🙂

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