After Karma

Introduction to the Global Positioning System

This venue [Karma] was really hard to find but worth the effort. Good beer for cheap, friendly staff, and a decent-sized stage with great sound gear and an engineer who knows how to work it. The road it’s on is dimly lit, however. Mixed commercial and residential buildings were not comforting as we pulled up. But less than 2 miles up the road, at the major intersection of Poinsett Hwy & N. Pleasantburg Rd., one can find numerous places to dine including a Subway with a drive-thru window!?!?  Aaron and I could not resist this urge, and split a 12″ sub. Tim ate at the Greek place (I grabbed a steak fry and it was delicious). So basically what I’m saying is, even though Karma appears to be in the middle of Nowhere City, there is civilization right around the corner.

Now for the not-so-great aspects: the reason it was so hard to find? – no sign! Bands and fans BEWARE you will need your GPS. The owner, Kevn told us that he applied for his sign permit months earlier but it hadn’t gone through yet. Meanwhile he had placed a temporary marquis near the curb, and police made him take it down. I felt bad for the guy. He is a genuine enthusiast of Indie music scene. Basically, Greenville could use more folks like him. But on the plus side, there is a stripper pole 🙂

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