It’s A Shure Thing

Regional Finalist ribbon from Shure SM58 Give It Voice Tour

Just being optomistic ūüôā¬† What’s going on? Nick and The Grooves are Regional Finalists in the Shure SM58 “Give It Voice Tour” competition! Advancing to round deux, we’ll play The Wildhorse Saloon (66,000 sq.ft. venue) in Nashville. Tuesday, January 25th. 6PM. Free admission.¬†Come¬†support us in¬†battle!

We’re excited to say the least, but it brings a¬†heap of To-Do’s. For example, I need to review and revise our horn arrangements –¬†we have to play our best! That also means scheduling a few extra rehearsals, which is always difficult when you have¬†five bandmates. I’ve got lots of invitations to send to all of our contacts in The Music City. The list goes on and on … but I welcome it with open arms. This¬†is a great way to begin 2011.

It’s been a really fun ride too, watching the votes pour in – not just ours but all the bands! It’s fun being part of something big – something nationwide – and not knowing the outcome. Probably the closest I’ll ever come to knowing what it’s like to run for a political office. Of course, this competition would never have happened without support from Bandcamp and RedGorilla Music Fest. We would also like to thank all the Industry bloggers, like Christopher Catania, who helped promote the competition. If it wasn’t for bloggers like Chris, a lot of great opportunities for Indie artists would go unnoticed.

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