Word Wars

So, I had this crazy idea that while preparing for Nashville I’d blog daily (with the hope of continuing that practice afterwards). People like updates, right? I managed to blog on Saturday (day 1). Yesterday was a great day, but I didn’t blog one word. Instead, I watched a movie about words (sounds about right, yes?) called Word Wars. It’s a great documentary about life on the professional Scrabble circuit. Quite fascinating and well-done. It reminded me of a couple things. First, don’t forget to blog today!  LOL.

Second, don’t let your career negatively affect physical or mental health, social behavior, or personal happiness. I probably could’ve said that better but you’ve got the idea. These guys (in the film) are definitely amazing at what they do, but they look miserable. They sound miserable. They rarely smile. They have no social life and minimal if any family interaction. They willingly admit that they’ve become obsessed with Scrabble to the point of unhealthy addiction, which in one guy led to his gambling addiction (side bets on non-tourney Scrabble games).

It’s sad for me to see people living that way and yet, they are champions of Scrabble. Is it worth the cost? They claim “yes,” but I believe their eyes cry “No!” Maybe that’s why I’ve walked away from bands on the verge of major success … I don’t believe it’s worth the cost.

shure-posterOn this official “Snow Day” in Atlanta, when businesses and schools are closed, I hope everyone is enjoying quality time with their family and friends. And while you’re having fun throwing snowballs at your kid sister … don’t forget to tell all your Nashville friends about Tuesday, January 25th @ Wildhorse Saloon!


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