Under Construction

I’ve received some much-deserved inquiries regarding my blog inactivity over the past year. Lyrics, Discography and Tour pages have gotten periodic updates, but my last blog entry was Dragon*Con 2011. The short story is that I focused my energy on Nick and The Grooves instead. We released Adapter, our debut record, in July. It’s an EP with four killer tracks, available on iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.

The medium-length story, which relates more to this entry’s title, goes like this: hired a graphics guy to redesign/code the site; he designed only the Home page and none of the coding; I looked into hiring other graphics guys to finish the job but they were only interested in starting from scratch with their own look/feel; I did not pursue with the proper energy because of the aforementioned project which has monopolized my time until now! 🙂

Plans are to slowly but surely update this website before Dragon*Con 2013. It’d be great if I could get it done by NYE but I’m trying to be realistic. If you’re a graphic designer looking for a gig, email me (try the Contact page).

Thanks for your patience as I work to improve your browsing experience 🙂


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