Nick with Jim Peterik and Elliot Holden at Dunwoody Music Festival

Meeting Jim Peterik

Cleaning out your email folders is often more rewarding than sofa cushions. Reading conversations from years past can be a trip back in time. If you’re really lucky, the words are accompanied by photographic gems like this one from Dunwoody Music Festival.

I had just finished performing on the main stage with my band, The Grooves. Elliot Holden joined us for two songs as special guest. Jim Peterik performed later that evening alongside Jeff Carlisi and other bonafide rockers. Apparently, Jimbo (his preferred nickname) really enjoyed my songwriting and guitar playing. He invited me into his backstage tent after our set, and showed me his custom guitar covered in shattered mirror pieces. It was extremely cool indeed. We had a good little chat. Of all the famous individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, he is definitely one of the most down-to-Earth.

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