Black Sheep Ensemble at Oakland Cemetery 2016

Black Sheep Invade Paris

Black Sheep Ensemble will perform at Paris On Ponce for Bastille Day with Imperial OPA Circus! We have other dates upcoming, as well. Please visit for more details.

I began playing with BSE in Winter 2014 after a good friend and neighbor, Bill McCollum told me his band needed a tuba [player]. It was completely random. I happened to be out in my front yard whilst Bill was leisurely cruising home from work. Leaning out of his red jeep window for a neighborly chat, Bill spoke of this band in which he played drums. He said they had played at the local pub (Smith’s Olde Bar), and their bass line was in need of assistance. I agreed to pass on the word, and asked if bass trombone would be helpful (since that is one of my instruments). Indeed, it would! I arrived at rehearsal expecting to find Bill seated behind a trap set, surrounded by some sort of Rock lineup. What I found was nearly the opposite in every way, yet still rocked – and that is how I instantly new these people would become some of my dearest friends. ~N

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