Had a great time in London. My favorite activity was the bike tour we took the day after our arrival. What a perfect way to get acquainted with a new city! Our guide was extremely knowledgable and funny, but the real perk was seeing charming places we would’ve otherwise never found. Also, London is the most bike-able city ever. Even more so than NYC, although I do love biking around the meat packing district, SOHO, and lower East side. But London has the original SOHO, named after the fox hunting call “Soho! Soho!” which used to be heard regularly in the fields near St. Martin. You know, as in St. Martin In the Fields, across the street from Trafalgar Square. See, when you know the history, things like “South of Houston” just seem silly. London also has the original Leicester Square (aka Times Square). ¬†Walking the northern Thames riverbank at night was the least enjoyable, because of heavy traffic and narrow pedestrian ways. But the streets were fantastic. The pubs, everything you hope they will be. Even found a traditional London umbrella and cane shop. You know, the kind you’d expect James Bond to visit after picking up his bespoke suit. One of the other tourists on our bike tour said Covent Garden had been spoiled by capitalism, but Sara and I had a great time. Definitely touristy, lots of shops and expensive eateries, but there’s free fun to be had. Street performers and bustling crowds, and and a nightlife scene that is well-lit and family friendly.


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