Obama Foundation Launch

I learned a few things while watching the inauguration of Donald J. Trump this morning. I learned Andrew Jackson boycotted the ceremony after Ulysses Grant refused to share his presidential limousine ride to the Capitol. I learned that Dwight Eisenhower despised F.D.R. so much, he wouldn’t even meet him for the traditional White House morning tea. The CBS commentators may have been filling time, but hearing those anecdotes gave me a new perspective. After all, I was raised to respect the office of President and hold those men in high regard. OK, Jackson not as much … but seeing the civilized way in which President Obama and First Lady Michelle conducted themselves gave me hope that perhaps this isn’t the apocalypse.

I saw concern and disappointment on their faces and others, but I also saw respect for our democratic process. I saw exemplary behavior which made me proud to be an American. I may be horrified by this turn in our road, but I have not lost my sense of patriotism. I will not defend or excuse Mr. Trump, but I will defend our values. I will continue to be “a light unto the nations” [Isaiah 49:6].

After I directed my attention back to work (i.o., the computer), I discovered the launch video for Obama Foundation. I urge you to visit the website: obama.org

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